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The engineering projects of today and tomorrow require more than top-of-the-line materials.

We started Stressbar Systems International to meet the needs of our expanding market with innovative, superior products and customer service to match. We dive into the details of your build to create a custom brief outlining ways you can save money, cutdown on construction time, and more. Your reputation is your most valuable asset, and we treat it like our own.


Our in-house engineering staff can quickly provide technical information and pricing for our materials and their workability as required for your project.

The SSSI proprietary line of threaded bars and accessories come in grade 80, 97, 100 & 150 ksi.

The use of our larger diameter bars results in more steel area per pile while meeting the required clear cover and minimum spacing between the bars for grout flowability.

This results in larger caisson capacities with smaller drill holes.

Whatever you’re looking to build, we’re here every step of the way.

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