SSSI provides high strength material for foundation applications such as piles and caissons fabricated with multiple high strength threaded bars in Grades 80. Our in-house engineers are knowledgeable in these areas and help provide each job with the best designs and options for construction. Our innovative products are guaranteed to meet the expanding demands of todays and tomorrow’s engineering projects.

  • The use of Grade 80 KSI threaded bars will reduce the quantity of caissons needed to be installed.
  • The use of larger diameter bars (such as our new #32) results in more steel area per given bore hole diameter while permitting the appropriate spacing between the bars for grout flowability. This results in larger caisson capacities in smaller drill hole diameters.
  • Unlike caissons with inserted structural beam sections, multi-bar prefabricated cages can be ordered to custom lengths several days prior to field installation. Contractors pay for the neat quantities on specific ordered lengths.
  • Multi-bar reinforcing bar cages can be prefabricated off-site in modular sections which can vary up to 100 feet in length. The uses of steel ring plates/centralizers allow the prefabricated sections to be shipped due to their rigidity. Bar alignment is made easy due to the engineered ring plates that allow the prefabricated sections to be coupled quickly in the field.
  • The total length of the caisson is limitless. It is conceivable that a 200 foot or more caisson is possible simply by connecting with mechanical couplers the prefabricated bar sections at the construction site.
  • Stressbar thread deformations are course and continuous throughout the bar. These threads are basically “Damage Proof” as compared to fine machined threaded ends on rebars by other suppliers.
  • Field problems can be corrected easier since the threaded bars can be cut and coupled at any point along their lengths.